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Question 1: The Russians became formal Protectors of ________ groups, the French of Roman Catholics and the British of Jews and other groups.
Eastern ChristianityEast–West SchismChristianityOrthodox Church

Question 2: People were not citizens of the Ottoman Empire anymore but of other states, due to the ________ to European powers, protecting the rights of their citizens within the Empire.
Franco-Ottoman allianceProtectorate of missionsCapitulations of the Ottoman EmpireSuleiman the Magnificent

Question 3: "Firman of the Reforms" gave immense privileges to the Armenians, which formed a "governance in governance" to eliminate the aristocratic dominance of the Armenian ________ by development of the political strata in the society.
SerfdomGentryNobilitySocial class

Question 4: It was impossible to hold the system or prevent Clash of Civilizations) when the ________ expressed itself within the Armenian church.
Armenian irregular unitsArmenian resistance (1914–1918)Armenian national movementAndranik Toros Ozanian

Question 5: The Church of the East's leader, the ________ or Patriarch of the East, was responsible to the Persian king for the Christians within the Empire.
Syriac Orthodox ChurchChaldean Catholic ChurchIndian (Malankara) Orthodox ChurchCatholicos

Question 6: Ottoman law did not recognize such notions as ethnicity or ________; thus, a Muslim of any ethnic background enjoyed precisely the same rights and privileges.
Honorary Canadian citizenshipEnglandAncient GreeceCitizenship

Question 7: [5] A wide array of other groups such as Catholics, Karaites and ________ was also represented.
SamaritanSephardi JewsAshkenazi JewsJews

Question 8: ________ Nerses Varjabedyan expresses his position on Ottoman Armenians to British Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lord Salisbury on April 13, 1878.
PatriarchEast–West SchismCatholic Church hierarchyPope

Question 9: After the decline of the Church of the East in the 14th century, until the 19th century (Reformation Era) beside the Muslim millet, the main millets were the Greek Orthodox, Jewish, ________ and Syrian Orthodox.
Armenian Apostolic ChurchArmenian languageArmeniansArmenian diaspora

Question 10: Thus, ________ is officially recognised in Israel, while Reform Rabbis and Conservative Rabbis are not recognised and cannot perform marriages.
Jewish philosophyOrthodox JudaismAshkenazi JewsJewish leadership


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