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Question 1: One of them turned out to be Hal Jordan's friend, Thomas "Pieface" Kalmaku, while another was the former villain known as the ________.
John ConstantineAbby HollandSwamp ThingFloronic Man

Question 2: It was written by ________, and with art by Joe Staton and Ian Gibson.
Steve EnglehartRoy ThomasNeal AdamsMarvel Comics

Question 3: The Heroes managed to gather most of the Chosen, but two were killed, one (Terra of the ________) was already dead, and one was senile.
DeathstrokeTitans EastTeen TitansSuperboy (Kon-El)

Question 4: Swamp Thing #65 and #66 unofficially tie-in with the Millennium-related story of ________.
Len WeinJohn ConstantineFloronic ManAbby Holland

Question 5: The story took place at a time when the ________ had left Earth's dimension along with their mates, the Zamarons.
Green Lantern CorpsGuardians of the UniverseGuy Gardner (comics)Hal Jordan


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