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Question 1:
Who played Jordan Black the telemovie Millennium?
Brittany Tiplady
Brittany Tiplady
Samaria Graham
Averie Maddox

Question 2:
Who played Tamra Caffrey the telemovie Millennium?
Megan Gallagher
Noomi Rapace
Amber Warnat
Samaria Graham

Question 3:
Who played James Edward Hollis the telemovie Millennium?
Garret Dillahunt
John Beasley
Matthew Glave
John Finn

Question 4:
Who played Galen Calloway the telemovie Millennium?
Christian Hoff
Michael Zelniker
Robert Lewis
George Kaplan

Question 5:
What role did Kristen Cloke play in the telemovie Millennium?
Teresa Roe
Lara Means
Dr. Angela Horvath
Dr. Stoller

Question 6:
Who played Agent Johnson the telemovie Millennium?
Allan Harvey
Jeremy Roberts
Michael O'Neill
Bill Dow

Question 7:
What role did Michael Zelniker play in the telemovie Millennium?
Short Order Cook
Detective Romero
Detective Kerney
Galen Calloway

Question 8:
What role did Richard Steinmetz play in the telemovie Millennium?
Joe Reynard
Sherman the Robot
Sheriff Earl Parker
Mr. Smooth

Question 9: Jeopardy! game show host ________ proudly welcomed his guests and contestants to the "first day of the twenty-first century" on the January 1, 2001 episode.
Alex TrebekCelebrity Jeopardy!Don PardoMerv Griffin

Question 10:
Who played Ardis Cohen the telemovie Millennium?
Lindsay Crouse
Lindsay Crouse
Genele Templeton
Mary Gillis

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