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Question 1: The first known opponent of Christian chiliasm was ________, in the second century, who most Christians feel was an early heretic (Brown HOJ.
Christianity in the 2nd centuryMarcionismMarcion of SinopeEarly Christianity

Question 2: Millennial sects have typically believed that the transition from the present age to the millennium would be anything but smooth, with the ________ having to be defeated and Jesus' reign on earth having to be established.
AntichristCovenant theologySecond ComingChristian eschatology

Question 3: A millennium is a period of one thousand years, and, in particular, Christ's thousand-year rule on this earth, either directly preceding or immediately following the ________ (and the Day of Judgement).
Second ComingGospelJesusChristian eschatology

Question 4: Revelation was written in Greek in the 1st century AD and burning with the conviction that the world is about to be destroyed and that Christ's ________ is at hand;
Christian eschatologyJesusSecond ComingGospel

Question 5: It is vigorously disputed whether or not ________ had a role in the virtual annihilation of millennialism from the 4th Century onwards.
Catholic ChurchCaesaropapismByzantine EmpireConstantine I

Question 6: Various types of millennialism exist with regard to Christian Eschatology, especially within Protestantism, such as Premillennialism, Postmillennialism, and ________.
Covenant theologyAmillennialismAntichristSecond Coming

Question 7: See ________ for a discussion of "premillennialism" and "postmillennialism".
Christian theologyBiblical canonTrinityChristian eschatology

Question 8: in the ________ tradition, a revelation of God's purposes with the main intention of encouraging an oppressed and suffering minority to have faith in God and of proclaiming his ultimate triumph;
Messianic JudaismJudeo-ChristianChristianity and JudaismBible

Question 9: The early Christian concept had ramifications far beyond strictly religious concern during the centuries to come, as it was blended and enhanced with ideas of ________.

Question 10: The ________ now strongly condemns millennialism as the following shows:
Pope Gregory IPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope

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