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Question 1: After the ________ created a professional system, legions were commanded by a legionary legate (legatus).
Marian reformsRoman NavyRoman infantry tacticsRoman Republic

Question 2: A military tribune was an official in ancient Rome who was both a military officer of the ________ and an official of the Roman State.
Roman infantry tacticsRoman EmpireRoman legionAuxiliaries (Roman military)

Question 3: After completing this post, he would begin his journey through the ________, or the ladder of senatorial offices in the Roman government.
Roman consulCursus honorumAncient RomePraetor

Question 4: These are known in Latin as ________, "Military Tribunes with Consular Authority." Instead of the usual two consuls, between four and six military tribunes were elected for the year.
Roman KingdomAedileTribuni militum consulari potestateRoman law

Question 5: It has been suggested that the rank was equivalent to a ________ in the armies of today's world.
Second LieutenantColonelLieutenant ColonelCaptain (land)


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