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Military technology and equipment: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Table of pistol and rifle cartridges by year.38 SpecialSmith & Wesson.45 ACP

Question 2: ________ are usually large caliber weapons firing projectiles over great distances.
ArtilleryNaval warfareMilitary historySiege

Question 3: The classification of weapons of war is one of the research issues of ________.
Military strategyMilitary scienceMilitary historyManeuver warfare

Question 4: A ________ is a hand carried weapon that fires either a single or multiple projectiles using the gases produced by the rapid confined burning of a propellant.
M16 rifleAssault rifleHandgunFirearm

Question 5: A slightly broader definition would include ________, missiles, warheads, and mines.
AmmunitionBombNuclear technologyCeramic engineering

Question 6: Munition is often defined as a synonym for ________.
GunBombAmmunitionMilitary technology and equipment

Question 7: Melee weapons include swords, clubs, spears, ________, or fists: almost any tool with which one can hit, hack or stab someone else.
BillhookAxeAdzeDrill bit

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