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Military supply chain management: Quiz


Question 1: The broad ________ scope includes sub-suppliers, suppliers, internal information and funds flow.
EconomicsSocial sciencesManagementSociology

Question 2: movement, evacuation, and ________ of personnel; c.
Health care systemHealth scienceHealth care providerHospital

Question 3: Military supply chain management is a cross-functional approach to ________, producing and delivering products and services.
ProcurementRequest for proposalPurchasingRequest for quotation

Question 4: ________ and development, acquisition, storage, movement, distribution, maintenance, evacuation, and disposition of materiel; b.
Industrial designDesignGraphic designDesign methods

Question 5: A supply is the procurement, distribution, maintenance while in storage and salvage of supplies, including the determination of kind and ________ of supplies.
AristotleQuantityIsaac NewtonTime

Question 6: The producer phase of a military supply extends from determination of procurement schedules to acceptance of finished supplies by the ________.
United KingdomMilitary serviceCyprusFrance

Question 7: Military logistics is the ________ of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of armed forces.
ScienceScientific methodPseudoscienceSocial sciences

Question 8: [3] Supply control is the process by which an item of supply is controlled within the supply system, including requisitioning, receipt, storage, stock control, shipment, disposition, identification, and ________.
AccountancySarbanes–Oxley ActProto-ElamiteBalance sheet


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