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Military science: Quiz


Question 1: Until this time, and even after the ________, military science continued to be divided between the formal thinking of officers brought up in the "shadow" of Napoleonic Wars
Franco-Prussian WarAlsace-LorraineOtto von BismarckGerman Empire

Question 2: The ________ principles of war are defined in the U.S.
United States Army AfricaUnited States ArmyUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States armed forces

Question 3: Fascinatingly the man who probably understood Clausewitz better than most, Marshal Foch would initially participate in events that nearly destroyed the ________.
Mortier 120mm Rayé Tracté Modèle F1FAMASFrench ArmyMILAN

Question 4: Military science is also used to establish enemy capability as part of ________.
Clandestine HUMINTTechnical intelligenceSignals intelligenceEspionage

Question 5: Military science is the means by which military personnel obtain military technology, ________, equipment and training to satisfactorily provide military capability as required by the national defence policy to achieve specific strategic goals.
ArtilleryMilitary historyIndustrial warfareWeapon

Question 6: "Military implements" had changed armies beyond recognition with ________ to virtually disappear in the next 20 years.

Question 7: Russian Federation armed forces derive their ________ predominantly from those developed during the existence of the Soviet Union.
Operational mobilityJoint warfareNaval warfarePrinciples of War

Question 8: The ________ principles of war/military science are defined by Land Forces Doctrine and Training System (LFDTS) to focus on principles of command, principles of war, operational art and campaign planning, and scientific principles.
Land Force Central AreaCadet Instructors CadreCanadian ForcesLand Force Western Area

Question 9: In ________, military science is often the name of the department in the education institution that administers officer candidate education.
Military education and trainingMilitary organizationArmed forcesMilitary rank

Question 10: The Soviet war in Afghanistan and the First and ________ further modified the principles that Soviet theorists had divided into the operational art and tactics.
Beslan school hostage crisisShamil BasayevMoscow theater hostage crisisSecond Chechen War


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