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Question 1: Army, the level above Division is called a ________ instead of an Expeditionary Force.
Company (military unit)Division (military)RegimentCorps

Question 2: The rank that was subordinate to a top general was a taxiarchos or taxiarhos, something akin to the modern ________.
BrigadierMajor GeneralBrigadier GeneralMilitary rank

Question 3: The commissioned officer assisting the captain with command of the company was the ________.
Second LieutenantLieutenantMidshipmanMilitary rank

Question 4: Regiments were later split into ________ with a lieutenant colonel as a commanding officer and a major as an executive officer.
Company (military unit)BrigadeBattalionDivision (military)

Question 5: ________
Croatian military ranksPolish Armed Forces rank insigniaSingapore Armed Forces ranksMilitary rank

Question 6: The army of ancient ________ consisted of manageable military groupings under the individual commands.
IraqIranIran–Iraq WarAzerbaijan

Question 7: Captain was derived from the ________ word capitaneus (meaning head man or chief).
Late LatinMedieval LatinVulgar LatinClassical Latin

Question 8: Numbers also differ for non-combat units such as ________, cooks, and hospital staff.
Military organizationBritish ArmySergeantQuartermaster

Question 9: Heavily armed foot soldiers were called hoplitès or ________ and a hoplomachos was a drill or weapons instructor.
Greco-Persian WarsPhalanx formationAncient Greek warfareHoplite

Question 10: The rank was roughly equivalent to the legatus of a ________.
Roman legionAuxiliaries (Roman military)Roman EmpireRoman infantry tactics

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