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Military operations during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus: Quiz


Question 1: The Cyprus National Guard High Command had planned a massive island-wide assault on the Turkish-Cypriot enclaves of Cyprus, in the event of a Turkish ________, so as to quickly eliminate these enclaves as potential footholds for a bridgehead.
InvasionSiegeMilitary historyWar

Question 2: This enclave was heavily fortified by the Turkish forces, in preparation for just such a ________, and was protected by bunkers, machine gun nests and anti-tank trenches.
SiegeMilitary historyMedieval warfareNaval warfare

Question 3: The 31MK and 33MK ________ attacked from the west, while the 32MK and 34MK Commando attacked from the east.
British CommandosGSG 9Special forcesCommando

Question 4: There was little or no armed contest at the beachhead on 21 July 1974, and during this time the second wave of Turkish forces departed from ________ port.

Question 5: The 316th ________, which was now south of Hill 1024 at Kornos Hill, mounted an ambush of a large force of the 28th Division, which was equipped with M47 tanks and M113 armoured personnel carriers.
Company (military unit)RegimentBrigadeBattalion

Question 6: An attempt by the ________ to make a direct coordinated attack with their tanks resulted in disaster, with two T-34s destroyed by artillery, and two T-34s becoming trapped in an anti-tank ditch.
ManiotsGreeksGreek CypriotsMacedonians (Greeks)

Question 7: The force abandoned its camp at 05:15 and was attacked by Turkish ________, without losses.
Business jetAircraftWide-body aircraftDouble-deck aircraft

Question 8: In the evening, the ruling Junta in ________ agreed upon an arrangement to dispatch clandestine reinforcements to assist the Greek Cypriots, in the form of an infantry battalion, a commando battalion and a battalion of medium tanks.

Question 9: This commenced at dawn, with heavy ________ and mortar fire supported by naval artillery (the latter firing at the 256th infantry battalion on the rear line).
ArtillerySiegeNaval warfareMilitary history

Question 10: The first Greek Cypriot units to reach the area were two companies of the 251st Infantry battalion, supported by a platoon of five ________ tanks seconded from the 23EMA Medium Tank battalion.
T-26 tankT-44Iosif Stalin tankT-34


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