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Military of Bhutan: Quiz


Question 1: The Royal Bhutan Army also relies on the Eastern Air Command of the ________ for air assistance.
Indian Peace Keeping ForceIndian Air ForceResearch and Analysis WingLok Sabha

Question 2: [1] ________ helicopters evacuated RBA casualties to India for treatment during Operation All Clear in 2003.
Research and Analysis WingIndian Air ForceIndian Peace Keeping ForceLok Sabha

Question 3: This article was adapted from the ________ 2000.
United StatesThe World FactbookFranceCyprus

Question 4: The branches of the armed forces of ________ are the Royal Bhutan Army, Royal Bodyguards, Militia, and Royal Bhutan Police.
CambodiaBhutanMalaysiaUnited Arab Emirates

Question 5: Being a ________, Bhutan doesn't have a navy.
Landlocked countrySerbiaAzerbaijanBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 6: Additionally, Bhutan does not have an ________, although the Royal Bhutan Army does have a very small air arm which possesses no combat capabilities and is used entirely for transport.
Turkish Air ForceAir forceLuftwaffeRoyal Air Force

Question 7: India is responsible for Military Training,arms supplies and air borne defense of ________.
MalaysiaBhutanCambodiaUnited Arab Emirates


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