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Military history of Portugal: Quiz


Question 1: Caesar's civil war, from 49 to 45 BC, between ________ and the optimates (conservative republicans), initially led by Pompey.
Roman RepublicAlexander the GreatJulius CaesarLucius Cornelius Sulla

Question 2: The war between the Visigothic Kingdom of Hispania and the ________ in its southern Iberian province of Spania, from 552 until 624.
Byzantine IconoclasmWestern Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireRoman Empire

Question 3: The Portuguese army was put under the command of Marshal Beresford and was most heavily engaged under his leadership in the bloody ________.
Battle of the GeboraPeninsular WarBattle of AlbueraBattle of Barrosa

Question 4: As international observers, Portuguese were also in ________, Georgia and Western Sahara.

Question 5: After 1991 Portugal committed several Infantry and Airlanding ________ to international operations.
Company (military unit)RegimentBrigadeBattalion

Question 6: Portugal remained steadfastly neutral in World War II, but became involved in counterinsurgency campaigns against scattered guerilla movements in ________, Mozambique, and Guinea-Bissau.
Cape VerdeSão Tomé and PríncipeMadagascarAngola

Question 7: During the ________, Portugal was, for a time, Britain's only ally on the continent.
Napoleonic WarsGrande ArméeFirst French EmpireNapoleon I

Question 8: 15th century
1420           Madeira
1432           ________
PortugalAzoresSaint HelenaAkrotiri and Dhekelia

Question 9: Portugal also sent its soldiers to ________, which controlled the Kabul airport during 2005.
AfghanistanCentral Intelligence AgencyNon-Aligned MovementNATO

Question 10: In the ________, Portugal became involved in the scramble for Africa, enlarging its territories in Angola, Mozambique, Portuguese Cabinda, and Guinea-Bissau.
Eugène Delacroix18th centuryRomanticism19th century


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