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Military history of New Zealand during World War II: Quiz


Question 1: 5 Squadron with ________ and Short Singapores was sent to Fiji to protect that colony.
Vickers Type 264 ValentiaVickers VildebeestVickers WellingtonVickers Wellesley

Question 2: ________ earned a bar for his Victoria Cross in this battle.
Jack HintonKeith ElliottCharles UphamAlfred Hulme

Question 3: ________
Minesweepers of the Royal New Zealand NavyNaval bases of the Royal New Zealand NavyEarly naval vessels of New ZealandCoastal Forces of the Royal New Zealand Navy

Question 4: On 4 January 1943 a Japanese bomber destroyed the aft gun-house of Achillesoff ________.
Laulasi IslandMalaitaGuadalcanalTulagi

Question 5: The first of these, 75 Squadron, comprised the Wellingtons and pilots lent by New Zealand in August 1939, which later flew Short Stirlings, ________ and Avro Lincolns.
Avro ManchesterAvro LancasterAvro YorkAvro Anson

Question 6: The first vessel into action against Japan, the minesweeper HMNZS Gale, steamed forward to ________, arriving on Christmas Day, 1941.

Question 7: They were supported by 100 New Zealanders in the ________ operating from British carriers.
Westland Sea KingFleet Air ArmFairey SwordfishRoyal Navy

Question 8: In January 1942 Monowai inconclusively engaged a Japanese submarine off ________.

Question 9: 8 April 1945 crossed the Senio River then began their final push across the Santerno River and Gaiana River and finally the Po River on ________ 1945.
CanberraAustraliaNew ZealandAnzac Day

Question 10: The Commonwealth Corps, planned to participate in ________, the Allied invasion of Japan, would have included New Zealand Army and Air Force units, with Air Force units included in Tiger Force to bomb Japan.
Twentieth Air ForceWorld War IIOperation DownfallPacific War


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