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Military history of India: Quiz


Question 1: The epics contain information on the usage of ________, war elephants and even flying machines in wars.
Ratha2nd millennium BCAncient historyChariot

Question 2: The Kidarites and ________ predominantly used cavalry.
Rashidun CaliphateMedesAchaemenid EmpireSassanid Empire

Question 3: Later, he took the Kingdom of Kota and attacked the tribes in Malvas, the Yaudheyas, the Arjunayanas, the Maduras and the ________.

Question 4: His son, Vasishti-putra, ruled at Paithan on the banks of ________.
Tapti RiverKrishna RiverWestern GhatsGodavari River

Question 5: What is now ________ was, immediately after World War I, administered by the India Office of the British government.

Question 6: India is also collaborating with ________ to develop Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
GreeceUnited StatesArmeniaIsrael

Question 7: Raja ________ built up this Kingdom after inheriting the small princely state of Venad in 1723, in the southern tip of India.
Umayamma RaniTravancore Royal FamilyMarthanda VarmaTravancore

Question 8: However, after the First Anglo-Sikh War (1845–46), Punjab effectively ceased to be an independent state and in 1849 was annexed by the British and all major decisions where made by the ________.
Informal EmpireNauruBarbadosBritish Empire

Question 9: British India had some ties with British possessions in the ________; the Indian rupee served as the currency in many parts of that region.
Western AsiaMiddle EastIranAsia

Question 10: The Satavahanas (also called Andhra and Shalivahan) rose to power in modern ________ around 200 B.C.
Marathi peopleMaharashtraMumbaiPune


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