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Military history of Brazil: Quiz


Question 1: The only region about which no consensus was reached — the area between the Río Verde and the main branch of Río Pilcomayo — was arbitrated by U.S. President ________, who declared it Paraguayan.
Warren G. HardingRutherford B. HayesJohn W. BrickerWilliam McKinley

Question 2: This was a giant US-sponsored effort to convert an obsolete ________ into a modern fighting force.
Division (military)Field armyArmyArmy history

Question 3: In just a few days, Parma and ________ were taken.

Question 4: In April 1864, Brazil sent a diplomatic mission to Uruguay led by José Antônio Saraiva to demand payment for the damages caused to ________ farmers in border conflicts with Uruguayan farmers.
ArgentinaCowboySouthern ConeGaucho

Question 5: The soldiers buried in the FEB cemetery in ________ were later removed to a mausoleum built in Rio de Janeiro.
PistoiaMontecatini TermeMonsummano TermePescia

Question 6: Task Force 3 established itself in Brazil, including a squad equipped to attack submarines and merchant vessels which tried to exchange goods with ________.
JapanCambodiaCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 7: Meanwhile, on the ________, the FEB was on the heels of German forces still on the run.
Jura MountainsHimalayasAlpsGeography

Question 8: The first missions of the Brazilians involved ________ operations.
United States Marine Air-Ground Task Force ReconnaissanceReconnaissanceSpecial reconnaissanceUnited States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance

Question 9: The first weeks of the Brazilians in Italy were dedicated to acquiring and training with the new American uniforms, since the Brazilian ones would not suit the Italian ________.
Precipitation (meteorology)ClimateMeteorologyWeather

Question 10: The War of Canudos took place at northeastern Brazilian state of ________, from November, 1896, to October, 1897.
BahiaSalvador, BahiaPernambucoRio Grande do Norte

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