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Question 1: In some countries, the modern military may comprise engineering units in weapon design or procurement, or of non-military ________ (e.g.
Civil engineerCivil engineeringMechanical engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 2: With the 14th century development of gunpowder, new siege engines in the form of ________ appeared.
ArtilleryCannonCannon operationEnglish cannon

Question 3: Other duties include the layout, placement, maintenance and dismantling of defensive minefields and the clearing of enemy minefields and the construction and destruction of ________.
Arch bridgeBridgeCable-stayed bridgeTruss bridge

Question 4: ________ and river navigation works) which are not covered by this article.
Flood control1997 Red River FloodDamWinnipeg

Question 5: ________
Chief of Staff of the United States ArmyFlag of the United States ArmyUnited States Army Corps of EngineersUnited States Army officer rank insignia

Question 6: [2] There are also many modern armies that use the term ________ to describe the military engineer well forward in battle and under fire.
Combat engineeringSapperPrivate (rank)Madras Engineer Group

Question 7: ________ have long been used as temporary replacements for destroyed river crossings.
1993Floating bridgePontoon bridge1996

Question 8: Many of these ________ are still in use two thousand years later.
Roman EmpireAncient RomeRoman roadsVia Egnatia

Question 9: In some cases an ________ may be required to destroy something that that same engineer designed and constructed.
EngineeringMechanical engineeringCivil engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 10: The best known of these Roman army engineers due to his writings surviving is ________.
VitruviusRoman technologyDe architecturaClassical antiquity

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