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Question 1: and Japan were co-operating closely in response to the ________ in China.
Spanish–American WarBoxer RebellionRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Korean War

Question 2: During the ________ (1904-1905), military and naval attachés from many Western military organizations served as military or naval observers with the land and naval forces of Russia and Japan.
Boxer RebellionScramble for AfricaRusso-Japanese WarFirst Sino-Japanese War

Question 3: "Preparing for battle: Learning Lessons in the US Army during World War I." ________ (CGSC), Combined Arms Research Library.
United States Army Combined Arms CenterU.S. Army War CollegeFort LeavenworthUnited States Army Command and General Staff College

Question 4: The military attaché advised the United States Ambassador to Japan on military matters, acted as a liaison between ________ and the Imperial General Headquarters, and gathered and disseminated intelligence.
United States ArmyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States Army Africa

Question 5: A military attaché is a military expert who is attached to a ________ (an attaché).
DiplomacyDiplomatic missionItalyTaipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office

Question 6: The military attaché's office in Tokyo usually had two assistants and a number of "language officers" who were assigned specifically to learn Japanese while attached to ________ regiments as observers.
Imperial Japanese NavyImperial General HeadquartersShōwa periodImperial Japanese Army

Question 7: Some, like Italian naval officer ________ saw service both at sea and in Tokyo.
JapanErnesto BurzagliFranceSpain


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