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Question 1: There were no advances in military technology until, from the mechanical arm action of a slinger, the Greeks, ________, Romans, Persians, Chinese, etc development the siege engines.
EgyptiansCoptAncient EgyptCairo

Question 2: For this purpose some of the command and other military, and often civilian personnel participate in identification of these threats, which is at once an organisation, a system and a process collectively called ________ (MI).
Inter-Services IntelligenceMilitary intelligenceSignals intelligenceCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 3: This continued in the 20th century, with publications like Punch in the ________ and Le Père Duchesne in France, poking fun at the military establishment.
BarbadosNauruInformal EmpireBritish Empire

Question 4: [1] The Romans were dedicated to military matters, leaving to posterity many treatises and writings as well as a large number of lavishly carved ________ and columns.
Triumphal archLondonItalyParis

Question 5: The 1963 English stage musical Oh, What a Lovely War! provided a satirical take on World War I, which was released in a cinematic version directed by ________ in 1969.
Dirk BogardeWalter MatthauLaurence OlivierRichard Attenborough

Question 6: Somewhat earlier in medieval China, ________ had been invented, and was increasingly used by the military in combat.
GunpowderEarly Modern warfareEnglandCannon

Question 7: Invariably, although the policy may be created by policy makers or Policy analyst, its implementation requires specific ________ knowledge of how military functions and how it fulfils roles.
ExperienceExpertExpert witnessCognitive science

Question 8: Military actions are sometimes argued to be justified by furthering a humanitarian cause such as ________ operations or in defence of refugees.
IndiaDenmarkUnited KingdomEmergency management

Question 9: Both the Soviet Union and ________ excelled in producing heroic images, placing their soldiers in a semi-mythical context.
NazismAdolf HitlerAxis powersNazi Germany

Question 10: The "show" of military force has been a term that referred as much to military force projection, as to the units such as ________ or gunboats deployed in a particular theatre, or as an aggregate of such forces.
CorpsDivision (military)Company (military unit)Regiment

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