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Question 1: The Polish religious leader ________ decided during his imprisonment (1953-1956) "to defend the faith of the nation against militant atheism by means of the power of the Virgin Mary."[33]
József MindszentyStefan WyszyńskiTerrible TriangleRed Terror (Spain)

Question 2: In China, according to Julia Ching, ________ was seen by Jiang Zemin as an ideological threat to militant atheism and historical materialism.
Li HongzhiFalun GongFalun Gong outside mainland ChinaTiananmen Square self-immolation incident

Question 3: [28][29] and ________[30].
Lady Florence DixieSt Bernardine's Catholic Church, BuckinghamG. K. ChestertonJoseph McCabe

Question 4: The term has been used going back to at least ________ [1] and it has been applied to people from Thomas Hobbes onwards.

Question 5: Rodney Stark describes ________ and the other originators of 'The social "scientific" study of religion' as "militant opponents of religion" whose "militant atheism...was motivated partly by politics"[21].
Gottfried LeibnizImmanuel KantPlatoThomas Hobbes

Question 6: The Argentinian Supreme Court Judge Carmen Argibay apparently describes herself as a "militant atheist",[44] and the journalist and campaigner ________ has been praised as a "militant atheist".
Richard IngramsPrivate EyeChristopher BookerPaul Foot

Question 7: [36] Kevin Drum in the Washington Monthly applies the term to ________.
David CameronEnglandUnited KingdomPolly Toynbee

Question 8: ________ is considered a militant atheist by Oscar J.
Young MarxFriedrich EngelsMarxismKarl Marx

Question 9: * Figures in the 20th century in the USA and the UK who have been described as militant atheists include ________.
Michael NewdowUnited StatesElk Grove Unified School District v. NewdowUnited States Constitution

Question 10: The belief that ________ was a militant atheist has been challenged [10].
Karl MarxMarxismSocialismJeremy Bentham

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