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Question 1: In Zeami Motokiyo's 15th-century ________ drama Aoi No Ue, a miko named Teruhi performs an exorcism to remove the spirit of Lady Rokujo from the body of Lady Aoi.

Question 2: Miko are stock characters in ________, cinema, manga, and anime; see the List of fictional miko.
Japanese literatureIndian literatureChinese literatureAsian literature

Question 3: Some romantic bishōjo video games and ________ portray miko as attractive but prim girls.
Interactive fictionErogeAdventure gameVisual novel

Question 4: During the feudal ________ (1185-1333) when Japan was controlled by militaristic shoguns,
Nanboku-chō periodKamakura periodKenmu restorationMuromachi period

Question 5: During the ________ (1868-1912), authorities prohibited many shamanistic miko practices.
Meiji periodTaishō periodShōwa periodImperial Japanese Navy

Question 6: Yamatohime-no-mikoto, daughter of Emperor Suinin, founder of the ________
Sarutahiko OkamiShinto shrineShintoIse Grand Shrine

Question 7: The Japanese word miko or fujo "female shaman; shrine maiden" is usually written 巫女, compounding the ________ fu, miko, or kannagi "shaman" and jo, onna, or me "woman; female".
Radical 51Radical 213KanjiRadical 102

Question 8: English has diverse ________ equivalents for Japanese miko.

Question 9: In western ________, they sometimes correspond with clerics or white witches.
Role-playing game (pen and paper)Role-playing game termsLive action role-playing gameRole-playing game

Question 10: Fictional Kuro miko 黒巫女 "Black/Dark Miko" are an evil counterpart to traditional miko; for instance, the manga ________ depicts kuro miko as proficient in demonology and black magic.
FranceAzumanga DaiohShrine of the Morning MistTokyopop

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