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Mikio Naruse: Quiz


Question 1: He made primarily shomin-geki (working-class drama) films with female protagonists, portrayed by actresses such as Hideko Takamine, ________, and Setsuko Hara.
Toshirō MifuneSansho the BailiffKenji MizoguchiKinuyo Tanaka

Question 2: The film concerns a young woman whose father deserted his family many years before for a ________.

Question 3: Mikio Naruse was born in Tokyo, ________, in 1905.
JapanCanadaUnited KingdomCambodia

Question 4: His reputation is just behind ________, Kenji Mizoguchi and Yasujiro Ozu in Japan and internationally;[1] his work remains less well known outside Japan than theirs.
Akira KurosawaRashomon (film)Yojimbo (film)Seven Samurai

Question 5: In 1933, he quit Shochiku, and began working for Photo-Chemical Laboratories (later known as ________).
Taiyo YudenJapan AirlinesTohoHonda

Question 6: ________ called Naruse's style of melodrama, "like a great river with a calm surface and a raging current in its depths".
Seven SamuraiYojimbo (film)Akira KurosawaRashomon (film)


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