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Question 1: His death also forms the central element of the first two chapters of ________'s novel Generations of Winter.
Aleksandr SolzhenitsynKolymaGulagVasily Aksyonov

Question 2: "The ________ was created by the workers and peasants and is lead by the will of the working class.
Soviet Armed ForcesRussiaEastern Front (World War II)Red Army

Question 3: Frunze was born in ________, then a small Imperial Russian garrison town in the Kyrgyz part of Turkestan, to a Romanian[1] medical practitioner (originally from the Kherson Governorate) and his Russian wife.

Question 4: Two years after the Second Congress, Frunze was an important leader in the 1905 Revolution, at the head of striking ________ workers in Shuya and Ivanovo.
SilkTextileWeavingTextile printing

Question 5: Frunze was buried in the ________.
Kremlin Wall NecropolisDormition Cathedral, MoscowMoscow KremlinSaint Basil's Cathedral

Question 6: In November 1920, Frunze retook the ________ and managed to push White general Pyotr Wrangel and his troops out of Russia.
South OssetiaGagauziaCrimeaNakhchivan

Question 7: Frunze died of ________ poisoning during his surgery on 31 October 1925; the operation was considered very simple and routine even by the standards of medicine in existence at the time.
Carbon tetrachlorideChloroformDichloromethaneBromoform

Question 8: He also led, as commander of the southern front, the destruction of ________'s anarchist movement in Ukraine and the nationalist movement of Symon Petliura.
Mikhail BakuninLeo TolstoyNestor MakhnoPeter Kropotkin

Question 9: A ________ station was named Frunzenskaya in his honour, and a stone carving of his likeness stands at one end of the station.
Kazan MetroMoscow MetroSaint Petersburg MetroFilyovskaya Line

Question 10: He began his studies at Verniy (present name Almaty), and in 1904 he attended the ________.
Soviet UnionNikolay SemyonovRussiaSaint Petersburg Polytechnical University


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