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Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures: Quiz


Question 1: Kricfalusi intended for the cartoon to be "like a ________ cartoon." and that the show does not have his personal humor style.
Turner EntertainmentWarner Bros. TelevisionWarner Bros. AnimationWarner Bros.

Question 2:
Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures (not to be confused with ________'s The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse) is a 1987 revival of the classic Mighty Mouse cartoon character.
Groovie GooliesFilmationNorm PrescottThe Batman/Superman Hour

Question 3: He told her that he had the rights to ________, and she agreed to purchase the series.
Mighty MouseRalph BakshiTerrytoonsMighty Mouse: The New Adventures

Question 4: It was briefly rerun on Saturday mornings on the ________ cable network in November 1992.
Fox KidsJetix (US)Jetix4Kids TV

Question 5: The show was licensed as comic book series published by ________ in 1990 and 1991, which ran for 10 issues.
Marvel ComicsMarvel AnimationMarvel StudiosMarvel Entertainment

Question 6: [3] It was a huge springboard for many cartoonists and animators who would later become famous, including ________ (creator of The Ren and Stimpy Show), Bruce W.

Question 7: Mighty Mouse, The New Adventures at the ________
CDNOWAmazon.comInternet Movie DatabaseBox Office Mojo

Question 8: Produced by Bakshi-Hyde Ventures (a joint venture of animator Ralph Bakshi and producer John W. Hyde), it aired on ________ on Saturday mornings from fall 1987 through the 1988-89 season.
NBCAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CW Television NetworkCBS


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