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Question 1: French control over the area ended in 1763 with the conclusion of the ________.
French and Indian WarFort DuquesneSeven Years' WarBraddock expedition

Question 2: Traditional definitions of the Midwest include the Northwest Ordinance "Old Northwest" states and many states that were part of the ________.
French colonial empireAcadiaNew FranceLouisiana Purchase

Question 3: The ________ divides this region into the East North Central States (essentially the Great Lakes States) and the West North Central States.
Midwestern United StatesNew EnglandUnited States Census BureauSouthern United States

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  The Gateway Arch of St. Louis is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Midwest.
  Midwest as defined by U.S. Census Bureau
  Midwest as shown by U.S. Census Bureau official map

Question 5: Twain's hometown of ________ is a tourist attraction offering a glimpse into the Midwest of his time.
Vandalia, MissouriHannibal, MissouriNew London, MissouriMonroe City, Missouri

Question 6: ________: Old Northwest, Ohio River, and Great Lakes state.
MichiganNew JerseyIndianaIllinois

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  Lake Michigan is shared by four Midwestern states: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
  Rural farmland covers a large area of the American Midwest.
  Midwest as shown by U.S. Census Bureau official map
  Detroit is the busiest commercial border crossing in North America.

Question 8: The first and foremost was the Ohio River, which flowed into the ________.
IowaMinnesotaLouisianaMississippi River

Question 9: Prairies cover most of the states west of the ________ with the exception of taiga-clad northern Minnesota.
LouisianaIowaIllinoisMississippi River

Question 10: ________ is considered by many analysts to be the most evenly divided state in the country, but has leaned Democratic for the past fifteen years or so.

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