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Question 1: Midrash Qohelet, on ________ (probably before middle of ninth century).
PsalmsBibleEcclesiastesDeuterocanonical books

Question 2: This latter version (________) is quoted by the Shulkhan Arukh, as well as medieval Jewish authorities.
MidrashSalomon BuberMachir ben Abba MariBible

Question 3: ________ are the works in which the sources in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) of the traditionally received laws are identified.
TalmudSifreMidrash halakhaMekhilta

Question 4: The "classical" Midrash starts off with a seemingly unrelated sentence from the Biblical books of ________, Proverbs or the Prophets.
PsalmsPsalm 151EpistlePsalms 152–155

Question 5: This is not limited to the traditional thirteen textual tools attributed to the Tanna Rabbi Ishmael, which are used in the interpretation of ________ (Jewish law).
HalakhaHaredi JudaismOrthodox JudaismHasidic Judaism

Question 6: Alphabet of Akiba ben Joseph, a midrash on the names of the letters of the ________
Paleo-Hebrew alphabetHebrew phonologyHebrew languageHebrew alphabet

Question 7: "to investigate" or "study") is a homiletic method of biblical ________.

Question 8: In general the Midrash is focused on either ________ (legal) or Aggadic (non-legal and chiefly homiletical) subject matter.
HalakhaOrthodox JudaismHaredi JudaismHasidic Judaism

Question 9: A collection of midrash on the entire Hebrew Scriptures (________) containing both halakhic and aggadic midrash.
KetuvimTanakhNevi'imChristianity and Judaism

Question 10: The Mekhilta essentially functions as a commentary on the ________.
Book of DeuteronomyBook of NumbersBook of ExodusBook of Leviticus

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