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Question 1: Many countries located around the ________ have large quantities of crude oil.
Persian GulfCaspian SeaIndian OceanAtlantic Ocean

Question 2: ________, July 1, 2009, PPP GDP 2008
Bretton Woods systemInternational Monetary FundWorld BankWorld Bank Group

Question 3: However, the usage of "Near East" was retained by a variety of academic disciplines, including archaeology and ancient history, where it describes an area identical to the term Middle East, which is not used by these disciplines (see ________).
Classical antiquityIron Age ChinaAchaemenid EmpireAncient Near East

Question 4: The designation, Mashriq, also from the Arabic root for "east," also denotes a variously-defined region around the Levant, the eastern part of the Arabic-speaking world (as opposed to the ________, the western part).
MaghrebFrench colonial empireNewfoundland (island)French Guiana

Question 5: The modern Middle East began after World War I, when the Ottoman Empire, which was allied with the defeated ________, was partitioned into a number of separate nations.
Balkans Campaign (World War I)Romania during World War ICentral PowersSerbian Campaign (World War I)

Question 6: [2] However, it became more widely known when American naval strategist ________ used the term in 1902[3] to 'designate the area between Arabia and India'.
Samuel Eliot MorisonAlfred Thayer MahanTheodore RooseveltCharles A. Beard

Question 7: The earliest civilizations, Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, originated in the Fertile Crescent and Nile Valley regions of the ancient Near East, as well as the civilizations of the Levant, Persia, and ________.
Arabian PeninsulaMiddle EastWestern AsiaAsia

Question 8: Islam in its many forms is by far the largest religion in the Middle East, but other faiths, such as Judaism and ________, are also important.
ChristianityBaptistEcumenismChristian denomination

Question 9: It is a member or the Turkic languages, which have their origins in ________.
South AsiaCentral AsiaMiddle EastSiberia

Question 10: It is much influenced by ________ (through Islam) and Aramaic (the pre-Arabic lingua franca of the Middle East).
Modern Standard ArabicAncient North ArabianArabic languageEgyptian Arabic


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