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Question 1: Edward I waged war against the Principality of Wales and the Kingdom of Scotland, with mixed success, to assert what he considered his right to the entire island of ________.
United KingdomBritish peopleGreat BritainNorthern Ireland

Question 2: ________ of the Franks is a well-known example of a barbarian king who chose Catholic orthodoxy over Arianism.
FranciaChildebert IMerovingian dynastyClovis I

Question 3: He divided the rest of the empire between Lothair and ________, his youngest son, giving Lothair the opportunity to choose his half.
CharlemagneLouis the PiousCharles the FatCharles the Bald

Question 4: The return of this Latin proficiency to the kingdom of the Franks is regarded as an important step in the development of ________.
Latin literatureLate LatinVulgar LatinMedieval Latin

Question 5: Aristotle especially became very important, his rational and logical approach to knowledge influencing the scholars at the newly forming ________ which were absorbing and disseminating the new knowledge during the 12th Century Renaissance.
Gymnasium (school)CollegeUniversityPrivate school

Question 6: Martial societies such as the Avars and the ________ were still capable of causing major disruption to the newly emerging societies of Western Europe.
Viking AgeDenmarkVikingScandinavia

Question 7: The division between east and west was encouraged by Constantine, who refounded the city of ________ as the new capital, Constantinople, in 330.
ByzantiumGreeksRoman EmpireIstanbul

Question 8: The dynasty took a new direction in 732, when Charles Martel won the ________, halting the advance of Muslim armies across the Pyrenees.
CharlemagneAl-AndalusBattle of ToursReconquista

Question 9: Urban promised ________ to any Christian who took the Crusader vow and set off for Jerusalem.
IndulgenceRoman Catholic theologyPopeCatholic Church

Question 10: The Emperor Louis recognized his eldest son ________ as emperor and confirmed him in the Regnum Italicum (Italy).
Charles the BaldLouis the PiousLothair ICharlemagne


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