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Question 1: ________ was a suitable explanation for sea floor spreading, and the acceptance of plate tectonics by the majority of geologists resulted in a major paradigm shift in geological thinking.
EarthPlate tectonicsNorth American PlateGeology

Question 2: The crystallized magma forms new crust of ________ (known as MORB for Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt) and gabbro.
LavaBasaltIgneous rockFlood basalt

Question 3: A mid-ocean ridge demarcates the boundary between two ________, and consequently is termed a divergent plate boundary.
Plate tectonicsGeologyNorth American PlateEarth

Question 4: New magma of ________ composition emerges at and near the axis because of decompression melting in the underlying Earth's mantle.
BasaltGraniteLavaFlood basalt

Question 5: A mid-ocean ridge is an underwater ________ range, typically having a valley known as a rift running along its spine, formed by plate tectonics.
MountainLeveeMountain rangeLandform

Question 6: ________ proposed the theory of continental drift in 1912.
GeologyAlfred WegenerMeteorologyPlate tectonics

Question 7: The uplifted seafloor results from ________ currents which rise in the mantle as magma at a linear weakness in the oceanic crust, and emerge as lava, creating new crust upon cooling.

Question 8: The Vema, a ship of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, traversed the ________, recording data about the ocean floor from the ocean surface.
Pacific OceanIndian OceanAtlantic OceanArctic Ocean


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