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Mid-19th-century Spain: Quiz


Question 1: Spain in the ________ was a country in turmoil.
Romanticism18th centuryEugène Delacroix19th century

Question 2: Ramón Narváez was succeeded by ________, a practical man and a seasoned politician.
Juan Bravo MurilloSpainDécada moderadaModerate Party (Spain)

Question 3: He was succeeded by his daughter Isabella under the terms of the Pragmatic Sanction, and his wife, Maria Christina, became ________ for her daughter, who at that time was only three years of age.
MonarchMonarchyRegentConstitutional monarchy

Question 4: The constitution also established state responsibility for the upkeep of the church, and a resurgence of ________ sentiment, led to the disbandment of some religious orders which considerably reduced the strength of the Church in Spain.
David HumeRed Terror (Spain)Immanuel KantAnti-clericalism

Question 5: The anticlerical policies of the Progresista government led to friction with the ________, and the attempts to bring about industrialization alienated old trade guilds.
Pope John Paul IIPopeCatholic ChurchPope Gregory I

Question 6: The ________ ending the Napoleonic Wars had inaugurated the "Congress system" as an instrument of international stability in Europe.
Hundred DaysPrussiaFrench Revolutionary WarsCongress of Vienna

Question 7: See also: ________
Napoleonic WarsSpainPeninsular WarSpanish Civil War, 1820–1823

Question 8: The ________ - expelled during the Trienio Liberal and readmitted by Ferdinand - were once again expelled by the wartime regency in 1835.
Congregation of the Most Holy RedeemerConventual FranciscansDominican OrderSociety of Jesus

Question 9: Three years of liberal rule (the ________) followed.
Peninsular WarNapoleonic WarsSpanish Civil War, 1820–1823Spain

Question 10: Carlos, however, was a reactionary and an authoritarian who desired the restoration of the traditional moralism of the Spanish state, the elimination of any traces of constitutionalism, and a close relationship with the ________.
Pope John Paul IIPopeCatholic ChurchPope Gregory I


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