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Question 1:
What license is System Restore distributed under?
Microsoft EULA
MS-EULA, BCL under Microsoft Reference License
Palm EULA, some open source components

Question 2:
What family does Windows Me belong to?
Wally Cleaver
Microsoft Windows
J.R. Ewing
Raizo Tsurgui , Unnamed Mother

Question 3:
What family does Microsoft Windows belong to?
MS-DOS/Windows 9x-based, Windows CE, Windows NT
M Root , W Root
Ms. McGrath
Ms. Boomhauer

Question 4: Windows Vista changes this[27] by introducing a privilege elevation system called ________.
DirectXMicrosoft WindowsUser Account ControlInternet Explorer

Question 5: While the ________ series offered the option of having profiles for multiple users, they had no concept of access privileges, and did not allow concurrent access; and so were not true multi-user operating systems.
OS/2Windows NTWindows 9xMicrosoft Windows

Question 6:
What license is Windows 2000 distributed under?
Microsoft EULA
GNU General Public License version 2
GNU General Public License, optional CC by-sa 2.0 for artwork

Question 7: Windows Server 2008 R2 drops the 32-bit version, although ________ does not.
WinFSMicrosoft WindowsWindows 7Windows Vista

Question 8:
What license is Microsoft Windows distributed under?

Question 9: ________ included support for several different platforms before the x86-based personal computer became dominant in the professional world.
OS/2Windows 9xWindows NTMicrosoft Windows

Question 10:
What license is Microsoft Windows distributed under?

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