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Question 1: Knowing this point spread function means that it is possible to reverse this process to a certain extent by computer based methods commonly known as ________ microscopy.
Wiener deconvolutionFilter (signal processing)Time seriesDeconvolution

Question 2: ________ limits resolution to approximately 0.2 micrometre (see: microscope).

Question 3: ________ (TEM) is principally quite similar to the compound light microscope, by sending an electron beam through a very thin slice of the specimen.
Transmission electron microscopyScanning electron microscopeScanning transmission electron microscopyElectron microscope

Question 4: Optical or light microscopy involves passing ________ transmitted through or reflected from the sample through a single or multiple lenses to allow a magnified view of the sample.
Visible spectrumMicrowaveGamma rayX-ray

Question 5: Examples of scanning probe microscopes are the atomic force microscope (AFM), the ________ and the photonic force microscope.
Magnetic resonance force microscopyScanning probe microscopyMagnetic force microscopeScanning tunneling microscope

Question 6: Around 1995, ________ commenced with the development of a light microscopic process, which achieved a substantially improved size resolution of cellular nanostructures stained with a fluorescent marker.
Christiane Nüsslein-VolhardCell (biology)DNAChristoph Cremer

Question 7: Since fluorescence emission differs in ________ (color) from the excitation light, a fluorescent image ideally only shows the structure of interest that was labeled with the fluorescent dye.
DiffractionElectromagnetic radiationWavelengthElectron

Question 8: Examples of commonly used fluorochromes are ________ or rhodamine.
Fluorescein isothiocyanateZinc chlorideMethylene blueFluorescein

Question 9: Most fluorescence ________ are operated in the Epi-illumination mode (illumination and detection from one side of the sample) to further decrease the amount of excitation light entering the detector.
MicroscopeAgar plateEudiometerCuvette

Question 10: An image can be built by a ________ of the tip over the surface to create an image.
PixelRaster graphicsBack porchRaster scan


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