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Micronauts: Quiz


Question 1: First released in Japan in 1974, Microman toys were imported to the United States by the ________ in 1976 under the "Micronauts" name.
SuperheroAction figureBatmanMego Corporation

Question 2: In 2002 ________ bought the rights to reproduce Micronauts.
McFarlane ToysMinimatesNational Entertainment Collectibles AssociationPalisades Toys

Question 3: The line consisted of 3.75-inch tall ________, vehicles, robots, play sets, and accessories which used a universal, five millimeter inter-connective design.
DC Universe ClassicsTransformers (toy line)Action figureMcFarlane Toys

Question 4: Several licensed ________ series based on Micronauts toys were published by Marvel and Devil's Due Publishing
Graphic novelComic bookBritish comicsAmerican comic book

Question 5: Micronauts is the North American name for the ________ toy line created by Japanese toy company Takara (later absorbed by TOMY).
Transformers: EnergonTransformersTransformers (toy line)Microman


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