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Question 1: The online dictionary ________ defines micromanagement as "atten[tion] to small details in management: [] control [of] a person or a situation by paying extreme attention to small details".
EncartaMicrosoft Security EssentialsMicrosoft MathMicrosoft Office

Question 2: The most extreme cases of micromanagement constitute a management pathology closely related to, e.g., ________ and narcissistic behavior.
Workplace bullyingPersonal boundariesPsychological manipulationSexual harassment

Question 3: Creation of ________ resentment in both "vertical" (manager-subordinate) and "horizontal" (subordinate-subordinate) relationships
List of Latin phrases (full)List of Latin phrases: AList of Latin phrases: EList of Latin phrases: C

Question 4: In ________ management, micromanagement is a management style where a manager closely observes or controls the work of his or her subordinates or employees.
CorporationCorporate lawCompanies lawBusiness


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