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Question 1: Water-in-oil microemulsions for some ________ processes
Carbon tetrachlorideWet cleaningFlammabilityDry cleaning

Question 2: The relative amounts of these three components can be represented in a ternary ________.
Phase transitionGasSolidPhase diagram

Question 3: Microemulsions also have industrial applications, one of them being the synthesis of ________.
Polymer chemistryPolymerPlasticNylon

Question 4: Much of the work done on these systems have been motivated by their possible use to mobilize petroleum trapped in porous sandstone for ________
Petroleum industry2000s energy crisisEnhanced oil recoveryPeak oil

Question 5: Microemulsions are clear, stable, isotropic liquid mixtures of oil, water and ________, frequently in combination with a cosurfactant.
AmphiphilePerfluorooctanoic acidSodium lauryl sulfateSurfactant

Question 6: The aqueous phase may contain salt(s) and/or other ingredients, and the "oil" may actually be a complex mixture of different ________ and olefins.

Question 7: Shulman, a professor of chemistry at ________, in 1959.
Columbia UniversityCornell UniversityNew York UniversityRutgers University

Question 8: In contrast to ordinary ________, microemulsions form upon simple mixing of the components and do not require the high shear conditions generally used in the formation of ordinary emulsions.
ColloidCream (pharmaceutical)Dosage formEmulsion


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