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Question 1: They even appear as endosymbionts in some animals, for example in the hindguts of some ________.
Sea urchinSquidHerringSturgeon

Question 2: As a result microbial mats began to produce the atmosphere we know today, in which free ________ is a vital component.

Question 3: A microbial mat consists of several layers, each of which is dominated by specific types of micro-organism, mainly ________.
Gram-positive bacteriaCorynebacteriumBacteriaGram-negative bacteria

Question 4: Most ________ strata with the "elephant skin" texture characteristic of microbial mats contain fossils, and Ediacaran fossils are hardly ever found in beds that do not contain these microbial mats.
EdiacaranGeologic time scaleEdiacara biotaCambrian

Question 5: The final and most significant stage of this liberation was the development of oxygen-producing photosynthesis, since the main chemical inputs for this are ________ and water.
Carbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon sinkCarbon dioxide

Question 6: Since the ________ capabilities of bacteria (what they can "eat" and what conditions they can tolerate) generally depend on their phylogeny (i.e.
Metabolism3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyaseAmino acidLipid metabolism

Question 7: There have been trials of microbial mats for purifying water, both for human use and in ________,[23][24] and studies of their potential for cleaning up oil spills.
Shrimp farmIntegrated Multi-Trophic AquacultureFish farmingAquaculture

Question 8: Microbial mats are the earliest form of life on Earth for which there is good fossil evidence, from 3,500 million years ago, and have always been the most important members and maintainers of the planet's ________.
EcosystemSystems ecologyEcosystem ecologyEcology

Question 9: ________, bioherms (domes or columns similar internally to stromatolites) and biostromes (distinct sheets of sediment) are among such microbe-influenced build-ups.
DiatomStromatoliteCyanobacteriaPrimary production

Question 10: These colonies of ________ form on surfaces at many types of interface, for example between water and the sediment or rock at the bottom, between air and rock or sediment, between soil and bed-rock, etc.
Gram-positive bacteriaGram-negative bacteriaCorynebacteriumBacteria


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