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Microarchitecture: Quiz


Question 1: This technique is used in most modern microprocessors, ________, and DSPs.
Central processing unitReduced instruction set computerMicrocontrollerEmbedded system

Question 2: The processor as a whole operates in an ________ fashion, with instructions coming in one side and results out the other.
TransportAssembly lineManufacturingEngineering

Question 3: In recent years, ________, VLIW and EPIC types have been in fashion.
Central processing unitMicroprocessor64-bitReduced instruction set computer

Question 4: ________ (VLSI)
Moore's lawVery-large-scale integrationIntegrated circuitElectronic design automation

Question 5: The ISA is roughly the same as the programming model of a processor as seen by an ________ programmer or compiler writer.
Programming paradigmMachine codeLow-level programming languageAssembly language

Question 6: Once reserved for high-end mainframes and ________, small scale (2-8) multiprocessors servers have become commonplace for the small business market.
Parallel computingCluster (computing)SupercomputerVector processor

Question 7: [2] ________ is the combination of microarchitecture and instruction set design.
MicroprocessorCPU designComputer architectureCentral processing unit

Question 8: However, the choice of ________ may greatly affect the complexity of implementing high performance devices.
Central processing unitMicroprocessorInstruction setReduced instruction set computer

Question 9: By 1986 the top-of-the-line VAX implementation (________) was a heavily pipelined design, slightly predating the first commercial MIPS and SPARC designs.
PDP-10PDP-11VAX-11VAX 8000

Question 10: Early designs like the SPARC and MIPS often ran over 10 times as fast as ________ and Motorola CISC solutions at the same clock speed and price.
Cisco SystemsMicrosoftIntel CorporationNvidia

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