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Micro Machines: Quiz


Question 1: They even immortalized James Bond and ________ in micro scale.
The Young Indiana Jones ChroniclesIndiana JonesIndiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIndiana Jones (franchise)

Question 2: Star Trek and Star Wars models were also made, as were models from other science fiction franchises including ________, Power Rangers and MIB.
Crusade (TV series)Babylon 5Babylon 5: The GatheringBabylon 5: The Lost Tales

Question 3: The Tuff Trax series contained many of the popular TNT Motorsports ________ including the influential Grave Digger truck.
Monster MuttMonster truckOff-roadingCaptain's Curse

Question 4: After the Hasbro Buyout, they came out with Winner's Circle NASCAR and ________ themed cars and playsets.
G.I. Joe (comics)G.I. JoeCobra CommanderG.I. Joe: Sigma 6

Question 5: Star Trek Micro Machines article at ________, a Star Trek wiki
Memory AlphaStar Trek: First ContactStar Trek: The Motion PictureTrekkie

Question 6: Many different styles of Micros were made including all the popular cars and trucks of the times, trains, emergency vehicles, tanks, boats, ________, helicopters, and motorcycles.
Powered hang gliderAircraftFixed-wing aircraftAviation history

Question 7: Micro Machines were tiny scale component style "playsets" and vehicles that were slightly larger than ________.
N scaleH0 scaleRail transport modellingRail transport modelling scales

Question 8: Micro Machines: The Original Scale Miniatures (called either "Micro Machines" or simply "Micros") were a line of toys originally made by Galoob (now part of ________) in the mid 1980s and throughout the 1990s.
Parker BrothersWinning MovesMonopoly (game)Hasbro

Question 9: Micro machine collecting interest is much smaller than ________.
Muscle carHot WheelsHot Wheels AcceleRacersFord Motor Company

Question 10: Although Micro Machines have not been sold in the ________ in some years, newer models are available in the UK , Europe and the USA now sell these brands of micro toy cars.
AlaskaUnited StatesPhilippinesCanada

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