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Michoud Assembly Facility: Quiz


Question 1: During the ________ it made engines for Sherman and Patton tanks.
Vietnam WarCold WarKorean WarSino-Soviet border conflict

Question 2: For the past thirty years, it has been used for the construction of the Space Shuttle's External Tanks by its lead contractor ________.
Lockheed MartinLockheed Martin U.K.Titan (rocket family)United Space Alliance

Question 3: NASA planned to use the Michoud Assembly Facility to build the structure for several components of the Constellation Program, including the Orion spacecraft, the ________ Upper Stage, and the Ares V Core Stage.
Space ShuttleAres IApollo programAltair (spacecraft)

Question 4: On September 16, 2005 ________ announced [2] that the repairs were progressing faster than anticipated, and so they would continue to use Michoud for external tank work.
Human spaceflightSpace explorationSpace RaceNASA

Question 5: The Michoud Assembly Facility has been most closely associated with the construction and production of NASA's ________ (ET) program.
Space Shuttle Challenger disasterSpace ShuttleSpace Shuttle external tankCancelled Space Shuttle missions

Question 6: It came under the management of NASA in 1961 and was used for the construction of the S-IC first stage of the Saturn V rocket and the S-IB first stage of the ________ rocket.
Saturn C-5NSaturn INT-21Saturn C-4Saturn IB

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