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Question 1: The state was one of only a handful to back Wendell Willkie over ________ in 1940, and supported Thomas E. Dewey in his losing bid against Harry Truman in 1948.
Harry S. TrumanJohn F. KennedyLyndon B. JohnsonFranklin D. Roosevelt

Question 2: Michigan has experienced economic difficulties brought on by volatile stock market disruptions following the ________.
Osama bin LadenAl-QaedaUnited Airlines Flight 93September 11 attacks

Question 3:
What are people from Michigan known as?
Pouu00EBzu00E9en, Pouu00EBzu00E9enne
Les Chu00E2tre-truies

Question 4:
Which of these places is north of Michigan?

Question 5: Clair River Railway Tunnel (________ and Sarnia, Ontario)
St. Clair County, MichiganPort Huron, MichiganThe ThumbAlgonac, Michigan

Question 6: Michigan went to the Democrats in presidential elections during the 1960s, and voted for Republican ________ in 1972.
Richard NixonRonald ReaganGeorge H. W. BushGerald Ford

Question 7:
What is directly west of Michigan?

Question 8: There are plans for ________ for Detroit and its suburbs (see SEMCOG Commuter Rail).
Inter-city railTramCommuter railTaxicab

Question 9: From 1660 to the end of French rule, Michigan was part of the Royal Province of ________.
AcadiaNew FranceFrench colonial empireCastle Hill, Newfoundland and Labrador

Question 10:
What timezone is Michigan in?
Central: UTC-6/-5
UTC-5 hours

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