Michael Wilbon: Quiz

Question 1:
What role did Michael Wilbon play in the movie Pardon the Interruption?
Guest Stat Boy
Over/Under Moderator
Guest Host

Question 2: He is a columnist for The Washington Post, serves as an analyst for ESPN and has co-hosted Pardon the Interruption on ________ with former Post writer Tony Kornheiser since 2001.

Question 3: In addition to his work at The Washington Post, PTI and ESPN, Wilbon appeared weekly on ________ in Washington, D.C.

Question 4: He is also a member of ABC's ________ (with host Stuart Scott and analyst Jon Barry) which is the pre-game show for the network's NBA telecasts.
NBA CountdownNBA on ESPNNBA on ABCNational Basketball Association Nielsen ratings

Question 5: Footage of Wilbon wearing a tucked-in Cubs jersey and bouncing the pitch is frequently shown on ________ as a friendly teasing by Kornheiser.
Tony KornheiserPardon the InterruptionAround the HornESPN

Question 6: On August 10, 2008, during a Cubs-Cardinals game at ________, Wilbon threw out the ceremonial first pitch and then sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" as part of the seventh-inning stretch.
Chicago Cubs franchise historyWrigley FieldHarry CarayChicago Cubs

Question 7: [11][12] Matthew is often referred to as "Lilbon" by the aforementioned ________ on his radio show.
Pardon the InterruptionESPN RadioMonday Night FootballTony Kornheiser

Question 8: Wilbon began working for ________ in 1980 after summer internships at the newspaper in 1979 and 1980.
The Washington PostNewsweekSlate (magazine)Donald E. Graham

Question 9: [1] He covered college sports, ________, the National Football League and the National Basketball Association before being promoted to full-time columnist in February 1990.
Baseball awardsAmerican LeagueNational LeagueMajor League Baseball

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Michael_Wilbon)