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Michael Moore: Quiz


Question 1: According to John Flesher of the ________, Moore is known for his "fiery left-wing populism,"[38] and the political left have hailed him as the "new Tom Paine."[39]
United StatesYahoo!Associated PressNew Jersey

Question 2: ________ (2004) "Palme d'Or" in Cannes
Michael MooreFahrenheit 9/11Bowling for ColumbineSicko

Question 3:
What role did Michael Moore play in the movie The Pursuers?
David Nelson
Arthur Johnson
Detective Sergeant Steve Wall
Mr. Danton

Question 4:
What years was Michael Moore active?

Question 5:
When was the Michael Moore?
September 2009
December 2008
December 2009

Question 6:
What role did Michael Moore play in the movie The Hand?
Michael John Brodie
Dr. Metcalfe
Japanese Commander
Charlie Taplow

Question 7: Moore appeared in The Drugging of Our Children,[32] a 2005 documentary about over-prescription of psychiatric medication to children and teenagers, directed by Gary Null a proponent of ________.
HerbalismTraditional Chinese medicineAlternative medicineNaturopathy

Question 8:
What role did Michael Moore play in the movie Dial 999?
Sandy Gordon
Mr. Smith
The Factory Manager

Question 9:
What college did Michael Moore attend?
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
National Autonomous University of Mexico , University of Michigan.
Central Michigan University
University of Michigan-Flint

Question 10:
When was Michael Moore born?

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