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Michael III: Quiz


Question 1: [1][2] At the time of this campaign the Bulgarians were distracted by a war with the Franks under Louis the German and the ________.
Croatian languageCroatian wineCroatsCroatian national costume

Question 2: Michael III had no children by his wife Eudokia Dekapolitissa, but was believed to have fathered one or two sons by his mistress Eudokia Ingerina, who was married to ________:
Basil ILeo VI the WiseJustinian IIManuel I Komnenos

Question 3: The imperial government undertook the resettlement of ________ from the eastern frontier into Thrace (thus cutting them off from their coreligionists and populating another border region) and launched an expedition against the Slavs in the Peloponnese.

Question 4: This put an end to the second spell of ________.
Byzantine IconoclasmProtestant ReformationTen CommandmentsIconoclasm

Question 5: This created a schism within the Church and, although a Constantinopolitan synod in 861 confirmed Photios as patriarch, Ignatios appealed to ________, who declared Photios illegitimate in 863.
Pope Boniface IVPope Eugene IPope Adrian IIPope Nicholas I

Question 6: Michael III (Greek: Μιχαήλ Γ΄, Mikhaēl III ), (January 19, 840 – September 23–24, 867), ________ from 842 to 867.
Roman EmperorList of Byzantine emperorsConcise list of Roman EmperorsList of Roman Emperors

Question 7: Ostensibly troubled by the favor Michael was beginning to show to another courtier, Basil had Michael ________ in his sleep in September 867, and succeeded as sole emperor.
InfanticideHonor killingAssassinationMass murder

Question 8: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Intellectual propertyCopyrightCopyright infringementPublic domain

Question 9: Under the guidance of Patriarch Photios, Michael sponsored the mission of Saints Cyril and Methodios to the Khazar Khagan in an effort to stop the expansion of ________ among the Khazars.

Question 10: Although this mission was a failure, their next mission in 863 secured the conversion of Great Moravia and devised the ________ alphabet for writing in Slavonic.
Early Cyrillic alphabetGlagolitic alphabetCyrillic alphabetMacedonian language

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