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Question 1: On ________ 820, Leo V accused him of conspiracy, jailed him and sentenced him to death but postponed the execution until after Christmas.
Black Friday (shopping)Christmas worldwideSanta ClausChristmas Eve

Question 2: ref> Athinganoi were numerous in Anatolia and together with the Greeks and ________ formed the backbone of the Byzantine army of that era.
Armenian diasporaArmenian Apostolic ChurchArmeniansArmenian language

Question 3: Michael II gained the support of former Byzantine enemy ________ who came to his aid.
Omurtag of BulgariaAsparukh of BulgariaSimeon I of BulgariaMalamir of Bulgaria

Question 4: In 827 the Arabs also invaded ________, taking advantage of local infighting, and besieged Syracuse.

Question 5: In his internal policy, Michael II supported ________, but tacitly encouraged reconciliation with the iconodules, whom he generally stopped persecuting and allowed to return from exile.
Protestant ReformationByzantine IconoclasmTen CommandmentsIconoclasm

Question 6: Michael was born in 770 in Amorium in ________, into a family of professional soldier peasants who received for their military service land from government.

Question 7: In his quest for support, Thomas presented himself as the champion of the poor, reduced taxation, and concluded an alliance with Al-Ma'mun of the ________ Caliphate, having himself crowned emperor by the Patriarch of Antioch Job.
Neo-Assyrian EmpireAbbasid CaliphateIslamic Golden AgeAkkadian Empire

Question 8: Michael inherited a seriously weakened military, and was unable to prevent the conquest of Crete by 10,000 ________ (who had 40 ships)[1] in 824, or to recover the island with an expedition in 826.
IraqArab peopleSyriaPalestinian people

Question 9: Although Thomas did not obtain the support of some of the Anatolian themes, he secured the support of the naval theme and their ships, allowing him to tighten his grip on ________.
Hagia SophiaByzantine EmpireByzantine navyConstantinople

Question 10: Michael organized the assassination of Leo V during the Christmas mass in ________.
Chora ChurchConstantinopleHagia SophiaByzantine Empire


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