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Question 1: The leading muralists were Diego Rivera, José Orozco and ________, each of whom also worked in the United States at some point in their artistic careers.
David Alfaro SiqueirosVenustiano CarranzaMexicoÁlvaro Obregón

Question 2: The movement stands out historically because of its political undertones, the majority of which are of a ________ nature, or related to a social and political situation of post-revolutionary Mexico.
Karl MarxDialectical materialismDialecticMarxism

Question 3: A number of like-minded artists in ________ turned to their own history and artistic heritage, namely Mexico's pre-Columbian cultures and indigenous peoples, contributing to a renaissance of Mexican painting.
MexicoPhilippinesNicaraguaUnited States

Question 4: Leading artist ________ in fact was commissioned by private investors such as Ford Motor Company in Detroit and Rockefeller in New York City.
Mexico CityMoscowDiego RiveraMexico

Question 5: The 1920s were the height of the muralist effort in Mexico, a movement which marked the high point of Mexican influence throughout ________ and the United States.
South AmericaLatin AmericaAmericasLatin American culture

Question 6: Mexican muralism is a ________ movement that took place primarily in the 1930s.
Culture of MexicoMexico CityLatin American cultureArchitecture of Mexico

Question 7: Murals from this movement can be found on the majority of the public buildings in Mexico City and throughout other cities in Mexico, such as ________, that played important roles in Mexico’s history.
Tequila, JaliscoZapopan, JaliscoGuadalajara, JaliscoPuerto Vallarta

Question 8: The themes involved events from the political climate of the time and as a reaction to the ________.
Venustiano CarranzaMexican RevolutionMexicoDecena trágica


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