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Question 1: They set up ________ to watch Huerta and try to ensure he did not gain entry into Mexico.
EspionageClandestine HUMINT asset recruitingCryptographySurveillance

Question 2: Díaz became the ________ he had warned the people against.
DictatorshipMilitary dictatorshipItalyDictator

Question 3: Against Madero's wishes, Orozco and Villa fought for and won Ciudad Juárez, bordering ________, Texas, along the Rio Grande.
Fort Worth, TexasDallasEl Paso, TexasAustin, Texas

Question 4: Zapata and his army and allies, including ________, fought for agrarian reform in Mexico.
Mexican RevolutionVenustiano CarranzaÁlvaro ObregónPancho Villa

Question 5: He was driven out of ________ by Villa and Zapata in 1915, but later gained the support of the masses by the development of a program of social and agrarian reform.
Mexico CityMoscowSão PauloRio de Janeiro

Question 6: These victories encouraged other military and political alliances, including ________.
Álvaro ObregónMexican RevolutionPancho VillaVenustiano Carranza

Question 7: The Revolution was characterized by several socialist, ________, anarchist, populist, and agrarianist movements.
LiberalismIsaiah BerlinDemocracyClassical liberalism

Question 8: He was stopped at the border in ________, by the United States government and kept there under house arrest.
Austin, TexasDallasFort Worth, TexasEl Paso, Texas

Question 9: This resulted in the rise of an urban proletariat and the influx of foreign capital (principally from the ________.
CanadaUnited StatesAlaskaPhilippines

Question 10: Presidents Porfirio Díaz and ________ called Zapata a womanizer, barbarian, terrorist, and a bandit.
Victoriano HuertaFrancisco I. MaderoÁlvaro ObregónVenustiano Carranza

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