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Mexican Cession: Quiz


Question 1: The United States had already claimed the area as part of the ________ in 1845.
Mexican TexasTexas–Indian WarsTexas AnnexationMexican Cession

Question 2: No southern territory dominated by Southerners (like the later short-lived ________) was created.
Trans-Mississippi Theater of the American Civil WarArizona Territory (Confederate States of America)Border states (American Civil War)Confederate States of America

Question 3: The Mexican Cession of 1848 is a historical name in the United States for the region of the present day southwestern United States that ________ ceded to the U.S.

Question 4: Later an effort to attach the proviso to the ________ also failed.
Treaty of Guadalupe HidalgoMexican AmericanAztlánChicano

Question 5: Eventually Nicholas Trist negotiated the ________ ceding only California and New Mexico in early 1848 after President Polk had already attempted to recall him from Mexico as a failure.
Mexican AmericanTreaty of Guadalupe HidalgoChicanoAztlán

Question 6: Senate approved the treaty, rejecting amendments from Jefferson Davis to also annex most of northeastern Mexico and by ________ to not even take California and New Mexico.
John Quincy AdamsJohn C. CalhounEdward EverettDaniel Webster

Question 7: Passed by the ________ in August 1846 and February 1847 but not the Senate.
State governments of the United StatesUnited States House of RepresentativesUnited States CongressHistory of the United States House of Representatives

Question 8: None of the area would be left as an unorganized or ________, avoiding the question of slavery in the territories.
United States territoryUnited StatesTerritories of the United StatesPolitical divisions of the United States

Question 9: ________ west of the boundary of the former Republic of Texas

Question 10: Eventually the ________ preserved the Union, but only for another decade.
Mexican CessionTexasCompromise of 1850American Civil War

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