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Mexican–American War: Quiz


Question 1: [40] The ________, signed on February 2, 1848, by American diplomat Nicholas Trist and Mexican plenipotentiary representatives Luis G.
AztlánMexican AmericanTreaty of Guadalupe HidalgoChicano

Question 2: In the spring of 1846 news about ________'s victory at Palo Alto brought up a large crowd that met in a cotton textile town of Lowell, Massachusetts.
Jefferson DavisZachary TaylorWinfield ScottAbraham Lincoln

Question 3: Mortars and naval guns under Commodore ________ were used to reduce the city walls and harass defenders.
SakokuJapanUnited States NavyMatthew C. Perry

Question 4:
Who was a commander in the MexicanAmerican War?
Christian de Castries
Gustav Horn
Nicolas Joseph Daine
Pedro de Ampudia

Question 5: ________ introduced an amendment giving the U.S.
Zachary TaylorAbraham LincolnJ. Donald CameronJefferson Davis

Question 6: side began to fall victim to ________.
Dengue feverLassa feverYellow feverEbola

Question 7: Taylor later used the ________ as the centerpiece of his successful 1848 presidential campaign.
Battle of ChapultepecBattle of Buena VistaBattle of MonterreyMexican–American War

Question 8: In much of the U.S., victory and the acquisition of new land brought a surge of patriotism (the country had also acquired the southern half of the ________ in 1846 through a treaty with Great Britain).
Oregon CountryOregon boundary disputeOregon TrailOregon Treaty

Question 9: In the winter of 1845-46, the federally commissioned explorer ________ and a group of armed men appeared in California.
Richard NixonRonald ReaganEarl WarrenJohn C. Frémont

Question 10:
Which of the following battles did MexicanAmerican War take part in?

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