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Metta Sutta: Quiz


Question 1: In Theravada Buddhism's ________, metta is one of the four "divine abodes" (Pali: brahmavihara) recommended for cultivating interpersonal harmony and meditative concentration (see, for instance, kammatthana).
Sutta PitakaPāli CanonKhandhakaParivara

Question 2: Pre-sectarian Buddhism
Early schools • Sthavira
Asoka • Third Council
Mahinda • Sanghamitta
Dipavamsa • Mahavamsa

Question 3: In later canonical works (such as the Cariyapitaka), metta is one of ten "perfections" (parami) that facilitates the attainment of awakening (________) and is a prerequisite to attaining buddhahood.
NirvanaBuddhismBuddhism and HinduismBodhi

Question 4: It has been reported that Buddhist monks chanted the "Mettā Sutta" as part of their demonstration in September and October 2007 against the military in ________.

Question 5: The Karaṇīya Mettā Sutta (often referred to simply as the Mettā Sutta) is a Buddhist discourse (________, sutta) found in the Pali Canon's Sutta Nipata (Sn 1.8) and Khuddakapatha (Khp 9).
BuddhismGautama BuddhaPaliAshoka the Great

Question 6: an intentional wish that facilitates generating metta (________: sukhino va khemino hontu; English: "May all beings be happy and safe")
SanskritAshoka the GreatBuddhismPali

Question 7: Saṃsāra • Nibbāṇa
Middle Way
Noble Eightfold Path
Enlightenment Stages
Precepts • Three Jewels
Four Noble TruthsPratītyasamutpādaSkandhaHouseholder (Buddhism)


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