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Question 1: Acetylene Lamp as Himself (________/Steven Jay Blum as "David Lucas")
Mamoru OshiiBastard‼Shigeru ChibaSaint Seiya

Question 2: Pero (Norio Wakamoto/________) - A robot assigned to Shunsaku Ban by Superintendent Notarlin to aid in his investigation.
Dave MallowKim StraussBob PapenbrookDigimon Adventure 02

Question 3: Based on 56 reviews from ________, Metropolis receives an overall 91% Certified Fresh approval.
News CorporationLos AngelesRotten TomatoesToy Story

Question 4: Note that this Atlas has little to nothing to do with the Atlas of Astroboy, although his distinctive ________ appear to have been inspired by the original manga Atlas' bizarre "headplugs".
DreadlocksPakistanAfrican diasporaRastafari movement

Question 5: During the Ziggurat's opening ceremony, a wayward robot disrupts the event, only to be shot down by Rock, Duke Red's adoptive son and the head of the Marduk Party, an anti-robot ________ group.
Extrajudicial punishmentExtrajudicial killingDeath squadVigilante

Question 6: Ham And Egg as Himself (________/Robert Axelrod) - Ham Egg is a police officer who guards the entrance to Zone 3, a section of Metropolis that is used for power production.
Kōichi YamaderaMasashi EbaraYūko MitaKeiji Fujiwara

Question 7: (The concept of a robot replacing a deceased human child had also been the original basis of Tezuka's ________.) In the original manga, Tima was known as Michi, and had the ability to switch genders from a button in his/her throat.
Astro Boy (2003 TV series)Astro Boy (character)Astro BoyAstro Boy (1980 TV series)

Question 8: During the film's climatic scene, the song "I Can't Stop Loving You" performed by ________ was used as most of the audio when the Ziggurat was destroyed, with sound effects only audible later on in the scene.
Ray Charles discographyGenius Loves CompanyRay CharlesWhat'd I Say

Question 9: However, this cinematic adaptation of Tezuka's story integrates far more elements from the ________ film Metropolis.
M (1931 film)Die NibelungenDr. Mabuse the GamblerFritz Lang

Question 10: Pero first appeared in the ________ manga story "The Hot Dog Corps" as a cyborg created from a dog of the same name that was once owned by Ban.
Astro Boy (2003 TV series)Astro Boy (1980 TV series)Astro BoyAstro Boy (character)

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