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Metriorhynchidae: Quiz


Question 1: The genus ________ was once thought to be a metriorhynchid similar to Dakosaurus.

Question 2: Metriorhynchidae is a group of fully-aquatic crocodyliforms that lived in seas of the Jurassic and ________ periods.
Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventCretaceousDinosaurGeologic time scale

Question 3: Their forelimbs were small and paddle-like, and unlike living ________, they lost their osteoderms ("armour scutes").

Question 4: The name Metriorhynchidae was coined by the ________ zoologist Leopold Fitzinger in 1843.

Question 5: [3] Other genera included within this family are Cricosaurus, Geosaurus, and ________.

Question 6: Metriorhynchids were the only group of ________ to become fully adapted to the marine realm, becoming pelagic in lifestyle.

Question 7: The type genus of the family Metriorhynchidae is ________ from the Middle to Late Jurassic.

Question 8: The family has a wide geographic distribution, with material found in ________, Chile, Cuba, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Switzerland.
UruguayBuenos AiresBrazilArgentina

Question 9: The ________ presented below follows an analysis by Mark Young and Marco de Andrede, published in November of 2009.
CladogramPhylogenetic treeComputational phylogeneticsPhylogenetics

Question 10: ________ von Meyer, 1830 (type)


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